The Gartner Observatory supports and promotes comprehensive and rigorous analysis of how technology start-ups gain competitive advantage from Gartner endorsements

Our Observatory at the Univerty of Edinburgh Business School (UEBS) is a global resource. Join us and find our more about our work below..

Global Gathering

Join us at the Cool Vendor Forum

Wednesday 25 April 2018. 1pm - 6pm. University of Edinburgh Business School

Coolest Vendor of the Year

Winners of the Cool Vendor Award are voting on which of them is the coolest. Who'll win?

Case Studies

Hear how intruiging innovators grabbed Gartner's attention by proving customer impact. How do they make the most of their Cool Vendor award?

From scale-up to spring-up

How do Cool Vendors exploit the opportunity to not only grow themselves, but also use the endorsement economy to transform markets?

Keynote: Neil Pollock

Prof. Neil Pollock spent ten years studying Gartner.  Hear why it’s so important to be a Cool Vendor

Meet analysts face to face 

Take a unique opportunity to pitch to analysts from multiple firms, and to learn from the way that Cool Vendors win them over.

Cool Vendor hacking

You don't have to be a Cool Vendor to attend. Learn how to better show to analysts your firm's impact, innovation and surprise.

Case studies of Cool Vendors, new and old.

Our detailed interviews compare winners in three key areas

Getting ready

How did firms win the Cool Vendor award? Did they have direct contact with Gartner? Did the vendor's clients tell Gartner about them? In the winners' opinion,  what are the key factors in winning the award?

The impact

How did they find out, and how far did the news spread? Did it move them from one point in the vendor lifecycle to another? Did it change their relationship with Gartner or other analysts?

The equilibrium

Does the Cool Vendor award continue to be used, or mentioned? Has it created more value for the company, for Gartner or for clients? How mature are other, later, award winners in the same market?

observatory staff
We're awesome - get to know us better!

Neil Pollock

Policy Director. Edinburgh University Professor of Social Informatics

Suwen Chen

Communications Director.
Cool Vendor researcher

Duncan Chapple

Executive Director. Expert in measuring analysts' value

Robin Williams

Director, Institute for the Study of Science, Technology and Innovation

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